Blog Basics – Gambling Availability

Statistics tell us that most individuals over the age of 18 have gambled at least once in their lives. For most of these people gambling is simply a fun social activity. For a few it is an intense interest. But for some individuals gambling can lead to a problem. When this occurs these individuals not only suffer personally but also affect those around them, including friends, family and community. 

 One of the challenges of problem gambling is the widespread availability of gambling opportunities, which increases the possibility that you will try it. Just as having a good ice cream shop on your block may increase the likelihood of you buying some. From the lottery to casinos, internet, cards, sports, horse-racing, slots, skill games, bingo, dice, numbers and even the stock market, gambling is part of the American ethos. 

Because gambling is so widely available it is important that we distinguish between gambling and problem gambling. As mentioned, problem gambling can simply be defined as gambling that is causing problems in the gambler’s life. Financial, personal, professional, social or otherwise. However, problem gambling can also be recognized through certain warning signs. 

Some of these warning signs include: 
• Lying about gambling 

• Feeling the need to bet more and more money

• Using gambling as an escape 

• Unable to stop despite negative consequences

• Concerned about gambling habits 

These of course are just a few of many such warning signs. If you or someone you know is showing such signs or is otherwise affected by problem gambling, feel free to contact us. To learn more about this subject click on the link below.