The Power Of Partnership

The Power of Partnership.  I think the power of partnership or “teamwork” might be one of the most underestimated powers in popular culture and don’t reckon this too hard to see. As Americans we actually descend from a history celebrating a popular idea called “rugged individualism”, a term representing the ideal of individual determination to… Read more »

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Have the Conversation

Problem Gambling is an interesting topic to talk about.  At first glance it seems pretty one-dimensional. That glance perceives the entire issue as a few people who have a struggle with a sometimes controversial, but generally accepted, form of entertainment. But if you look more carefully you discover that the idea of people struggling with… Read more »

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The Reality of Problem Gambling

I had a close friend who bet 10k gambling and lost their home as a consequence. I worked within the gambling industry for several years and often met people who lost every cent they had, frequently resulting in their having to ask employees and/or strangers for money to get home. I even met a problem… Read more »

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