QCFE – What Help Means

Did you find this experience helpful?

 That is the standard last question I ask when processing a caller’s QCFE “Help Request”. At that point we have discussed their particular circumstances and concerns, reviewed resource options and decided upon a basic plan, which in some cases can certainly qualify as a strategy for help.

 But what exactly do we mean by “Help”?                      

 QCFE “Help” is ultimately a structure of  people, organizations and information the client can utilize to overcome gambling addiction and its often tragic consequences. The most common “plan” or strategy employed is connecting clients to certified treatment and established recovery support, in harmony with their aims, demography, location and schedule. This plan is implemented by a network of therapist locations, spread throughout Queens, many fluent in the foreign language of the neighborhood, in order to best serve the community. In this sense, and others, help includes reducing the obstacles that impede its happening.  

 In treatment the client meets with a certified therapist who provides 1-on-1 support for confronting problems and implementing solutions, including problems and solutions specific to the world of problem gambling. In some ways it is like having a personal coach, well-trained and experienced with the relevant issues, helping you to establish and accomplish your most important personal goals.

 In recovery support groups like GA and GAM-Anon the client meets other who have experienced and overcome similar problems and learns from them both by fellowship with like-minded individuals and study of the 12 steps. We also provide clients with informational resources, including literature, videos and helpful links designed to help problem gamblers and those they affect.

 Beyond these strategies, QCFE Help means treating the client and their concern respectfully and with an appropriate sense of urgency. This means things like listening carefully, reviewing options and offering alternatives when available… mainly it means respecting what is at stake for the caller.

 When a problem gambler or a concerned other requests help, the underlying vision of the interaction is that person on the other end of the call, text or email will be able to sincerely and affirmatively answer my opening question

Yes, that is helpful. 


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