Sure Bet

Ask any legitimate fan and they will tell you that the most entertaining aspect of recent mixed martial arts is the fact that the past year has been filled with a continued series of jaw-dropping, odd-defying outcomes; what sports fans call an “upset” and many of these upsets at the championship level.

Arguably the most popular example is famous female fighter and mainstream star, Ronda Rousey. Ronda won her first 12 fights in a row, many in less than 1 minute, and had fans, analysts and a curious public saying she was “unbeatable” and should therefore retire at 27. In the minds of many she was a sure win, a guarantee you could both figuratively and literally bet on.

Then she lost. Badly.

Before she lost, the pattern of her performances told the general world and the world of gamblers that she was, to use a phrase, a sure bet. This assurance was appealing not only because of the widespread acknowledgement of the odds but also because popular common sense so firmly seemed to agree with them.

After she lost (and everyone’s jaws re-shut), almost all viewers nodded, recognized and remembered that no such outcome or bet can ever be guaranteed. I would add that any belief otherwise at least hints at the possibility of or potential for problem gambling.

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